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Financial overview
  • Total Purchase Price: $ 200,000

    Net Income: $ 39,000

    This is the combined total income acheived by the business after expenses, before tax.

    Included Real Estate: $ 0

    The value of on-title property included with the business. Its price is included in the Total Purchase Price.

    Multiplier: 5.1

Letting business
  • Letting Pool: 9

    Number of units the manager is authorised to manage.

    Owner Occupiers: 1

    Number of units resided in by their owners.

    Outside Agents: 4

    Number of units being rented by other agents (these could potentially be acquired by the manager).

    Units In Complex: 14

  • Remuneration: $ 21,035

    This is the body corporate caretaker salary. It is included in the Net Income above.

    Agreement Term: 25 years

    How long is the caretaking contract.

    Agreement Remaining: 21 years

    How long remains on the caretaking contract before it must be renewed?

    Agreement Age: 4 years

    How long has the management rights existed.

    Office Hours: N/A

    Required Office Hours.

Real estate component

Management Rights - Brisbane, Australia


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